We are on the back stretch of summer, but there is still plenty of time to get to that project you have been meaning to tackle all throughout June, July, and now August. We suggest making a move on an exterior renovation, and for the sake of this post, redoing your garage floor.

At Budget Dumpster, we recently learned of a new line of products that is changing what we once thought was the only way to apply garage coatings. It came by way of Formula 4 Coatings, a Mechanicsburg-based company that sells and ships garage epoxy kits all across the nation. Passionate DIYers have finally got what they deserved, a product that stacks up against a professional’s work at a fraction of the cost. All the necessary equipment and step-by-step instructions are included, and thus transforming the look of your garage has never been easier.

Still, it’s important to look at the details of doing it all yourself and the specific reasons we are so high on Formula 4 Coatings (F4C).

Why DIY Your Garage Floor

Formula 4 Coatings is a revolutionary product because it finally makes it feasible to apply an epoxy garage floor coating yourself. Poor quality materials, insufficient information on how to prep, and overall cost comparison used to make calling a professional the way to go. Now, if you have some free time and a DIY attitude, garage floor coatings can be done all by your lonesome (well, preferably with a friend).

The biggest advantage to the DIY method is cost. Calling a professional, while often reliable, comes with a big price tag. A Formula 4 Coatings kit can save you over half the cost. Do-it-yourself kits can closely mock that of a pro, but it will require you getting familiar with the epoxy process.

The Process of Coating a Garage

Successfully applying an epoxy garage floor coating relies on paying keen attention to several important details. Many of these details are comprehensively laid in an almost 7,000 word post by All Garage Floors. We will sum up the process in fewer words to introduce you to the topic.

  1. Preparation is Key: Lack of preparation is the most common cause of coating failures. It can lead to additional trips to the store, an unnecessary increase in expenses and ultimately an ugly, uneven result. You will need to inspect, test, and clean the surface before the coating is even brought into the conversation. Sealed, cracked and pitted concrete may keep you from starting the process.
  2. Profiling the Floor: Profiling will expose the pores in concrete, making it easy for the epoxy to flow into and make a solid bond. You can choose acid etch or grind the surface to produce the proper profile. This is commonly thought of as the most important step in epoxy preparation.
  3. Applying the Epoxy: Once you have purchased the kit, applying the epoxy can be as easy as painting a wall. Make sure to tape off sections you do not want painted. We suggest grabbing a friend or family member to help out so the epoxy cures properly. Allow a day for it to dry. Many of these instructions will be included in the Formula 4 Coatings kit.

Formula 4 Coatings is a Step Above

You can go to many online or big box store retailers and purchase an epoxy kit. So what makes Formula 4 Coatings special? For starters, F4C’s epoxies and urethanes are the same as those used by professional polymer coatings companies throughout the United States. While there are a few companies that offer a similar product in terms of quality, Formula 4 Coatings wins out in price. That applies not only to the front end cost, between $150 and $340, but to the longevity of the result. If you want something that is going to last and look great years down the road, go with Formula 4 Coatings. You can find out more about how it compares here.