Here on The Fill, we have written many articles about zero waste. Those articles mostly pertain to cities and companies and how they are contributing to the principle. However, in this edition, we would like to recognize a blogging community that is putting forth sustainable efforts in their seventh annual conference.

The annual pet blogger and social media conference is referred to as BlogPaws. Two organizations, Only Natural Petand the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition (PISC) approached BlogPaws with the idea of a zero waste conference.

“Only Natural Pet had been looking for a way to share about its own sustainability efforts with other audiences, while PISC was searching for a pilot zero-waste program..that can be scaled up through the pet industry,” said Caitlyn Bolton, executive director of PISC in Longmont, Colorado.

The 2015 conference is scheduled to take place in Nashville from May 28-30. The goal of this conference is to reduce the environmental footprint while educating attendees about common waste issues in the pet industry. Last year’s conference was held in Las Vegas and drew in nearly 500 participants.

“Given our passion for the health and welfare of pets everywhere, BlogPaws is commited to educating our bloggers and helping them leverage their influence to encourage pet parents to adopt a ‘zero-waste’ mindset. We are excited to work with Only Natural Pet and the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition to get the conversation started and to take the first steps towards making our yearly conference as close to ‘zero-waste’ as possible,” said Chloe DiVita of BlogPaws.

Only Natural Pet is “barking up the right tree” when it comes to sustainability. All of the paper the company uses is 100 percent recycled. They are advocates of recycling anything from hard plastics to electronics as well as being avid composters by composting anything from coffee grounds to dog waste.

As for BlogPaws’ Zero Waste Plan, here are a few things they hope to employ:

  • Diverting bottles and glass and more complicated materials such as shrink wrap, cardboard, carpeting, food waste and even pet waste from landfill
  • Informing participants and vendors of the environmental goals for the event beforehand so they can participate
  • Encouraging sponsors to reduce packaging, provide QR codes for downloads instead of printed materials…and to donate leftover products to a shelter in need
  • Collecting and measuring conference waste and identifying areas for further waste reduction for 2016. 

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If this zero waste initiative is successful, Bolton believes it can be implemented for other trade shows such as SuperZoo and Global Pet Expo.

“One of the major benefits of starting with a smaller industry event is that we will get a firsthand account of the types of materials we need to manage at a pet industry event and the complications that arise,” Bolton said. “By understanding the dynamics of a zero-waste pet event, we will be better able to predict how to manage a much larger trade show like SuperZoo or Global Pet Expo.”

The partnership of PISC and Only Natural Pet is a great first step to obtain zero waste in the pet industry. Here at Budget Dumpster, we would love to be part of this zero waste initiative. We are proud to serve the Nashville area. If you would like to rent a dumpster from us, check out our website and give us a call at 1-866-284-6164.