Enjoy your stay in Nashville and stay green while you are here! We’ve got great tips to stay green during your next visit to Nashville.

Where to Stay Green:

The 247 rooms at the Hutton Hotel are the greenest in all of Nashville, Tennessee. By taking an environmentally conscious approach to the hospitality business, they are able to deliver a completely green experience to their visitors. However this historic Nashville landmark was not always as green as it is now.

The Hutton Hotel began its environmental transformation by converting it from an old office building back in 1970. They then added Eco Disc Elevators that reduce energy consumption by 70%, water-free toilets and upgraded to LED lighting. These are only some of the many improvements made inside the building; outside the building, the Hutton Hotel has made even more green choices.

Nashville's greenest hotel

All of the hotel’s transportation vehicles are hybrid and they also have implemented a variety of recycling programs for their visitors. These environmental efforts have led to the Hutton Hotel being recognized by the Tennessee Hospitality Associations for Green Initiatives. This distinction has confirmed the Hutton Hotel as the greenest place to stay in Nashville. Go green the next time you are in Nashville by staying at the Hutton Hotel!

Where to Shop Green:

The owner of Nashville Native Nursery and Southeast Green Roofs has combined his businesses to create his own niche, roofs made from plants. The roofs are grown specifically for each building made from plants, native to Nashville and 100% recycled plastics. However the benefits of of a green roof grow much deeper.

The roof system is able to absorb rainwater and reduce harmful runoff by over 90%. It also makes great insulation and cuts down on noise pollution by almost 40 decibels. Besides the environmental benefits, having a roof made of plants is incredibly aesthetically pleasing.

stay green in nashville

Since the roofs are made to order, prices vary. Much like any environmentally conscious product, there is likely upfront costs to receive the monetary and green benefits down the line. If you are interested in learning more about the Live Roof, please follow this link. Be the greenest house in the neighborhood, by being the first with an environmentally friendly roof.

Where to Play Green:

Obviously Nashville has developed a reputation of a party city. However if you are going to go green in the Music City, head over to Vanderbilt University and party with the students. Since 2005, Vanderbilt has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions per every person on campus by 27%. They have also been able to double their recycling rates since 2011.

These and many other environmental efforts were able to be accomplished, while Vanderbilt significantly expanded their Nashville campus. Recently they were recognized for their green improvements by receiving a Leed Gold Certification. This is a very prestigious award only given to the most efficient buildings in the World.

Vanderbilt is green in nashville

Even with the recognition, Vanderbilt plans to continue meeting serious environmental goals such as improving transportation options on campus. By 2015, Vanderbilt will be completely free of coal. If you are interested in learning more about the sustainability of Vanderbilt University, visit SustainVU.


Do you know of a business or organization in Nashville that deserves to be acknowledged for their environmental efforts? Leave us a tip in the comments!