So you are starting to declutter rooms in your house and you realize you don’t know how to discard certain items. Not getting rid of unwanted items will take up more space in your home. And if you simply throw hazardous items in your municipal trash bin, you will most likely be causing harm to the environment. If you live in New Haven, CT do you know where to discard hazardous waste or common household items? The city of New Haven has multiple places where you can discard these materials.


Household HazWaste Central

Residents of New Haven are lucky to have a facility that accepts many types of hazardous and household materials. You can dispose common household items that are corrosive, toxic or flammable for free at HazWaste Central. This facility protects water resources by accepting hazardous materials that might otherwise end up contaminating the environment. The city’s waterways are kept clean through the proper recycling and disposal operations practiced by this facility. They also make it incredibly easy to discard materials at HazWaste Central. You don’t even have to leave your car since all the waste is off-loaded by professionals.

What household items are accepted at HazWaste Central?

There are three categories of household hazardous waste that can be accepted; home, garage, and yard:

Kitchen & Bathroom


Floor Care Products

Metal & Furniture Polish

Nail Polish Remover

Oven & Drain Cleaners


Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Tile Cleaners

Bathroom Cleaners




Garden & Miscellaneous

Chemical Fertilizer


Herbicides & Insecticides


Rat Poison

Artists’ Paints

Dry Cleaning Solvents

Fiberglass Epoxy

Moth Balls


Photographic Chemicals

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Small Propane Cylinders

Fluorescent Cylinders

Mercury & Mercury Containing Items

Garage & Workshop


Auto Batteries

Auto Body Repair Products

Bug Sprays

Brake &Transmission Fluid


Other Oils/Cleaners

Paint Thinner & Stripper

Latex & Oil-Based Paints


Used Motor Oil

What household hazardous waste items are not accepted at HazWaste Central?

  • Paint
  • Tires
  • Electronics

These items are not accepted at HazWaste Central. However, there are other disposal resources available in New Haven for these common items. For paint, Grand Paint and Carpet Center, PPG Paint, and Goodys Paint and Hardware all accept leftover paint. Make sure you call before you drop off the paint in case there are restrictions such as the amount and type of paint you are disposing of. If you need to discard tires, New Haven’s transfer center on Middletown Avenue accepts them. As for electronics, you must call the Department of Public Works at 946-6136 to register for a collection.

When can I go to HazWaste Central?

The facility is only open on Saturday’s from 9am to noon from mid-May through the end of October. It is located right behind the Regional Water Authority’s headquarters on 90 Sargent Drive.

What if my hazardous household item isn’t listed?

If there’s an item we don’t have listed, you can call the Recycling Center in New Haven at 946-7700. They will gladly point you in the right direction!