In Philadelphia, a new bill on food-waste recycling has made it past the City Council (in a unanimous vote, it should be noted) and is on its way to the mayor, with positive results expected. On approval, restaurants in the city will have the option to receive a dumpster that is used exclusively for food waste. This refuse can then be turned into compost and then recycled back into the environment. Separating the waste at the restaurant streamlines this process significantly.

As of right now, restaurants in the cities are using disposals to get rid of their food waste. The compost approach will be easier on them and on our planet as well, so it appears to be a win-win. Those interested in the program should know that there is a medallion required to get the food-specific dumpster. However, these medallions are going to be less than what it would cost for another general refuse dumpster, as per the particulars of the bill.

It’s refreshing to see another city entering the fight for more responsible waste removal. It’s also nice to see these Philadelphia dumpsters being used in unique ways instead of merely all-in-one trash receptacles. Food waste in particular can be handled safely and responsibly and also with little effort on our part. It’s just a matter of making sure the right systems are in place to facilitate this process.

Composting 101

Composting is an easy and, not to mention, free way to get nutrients back into the soil. These nutrients facilitate plant growth and reinvigorate the soil that they are being mixed with. The set up involved for composting takes up a relatively small amount of space and can be handled in a variety of ways. There are the traditional methods that farmers have been using for centuries, and there are also more hi-tech machines that have recently come onto the market. Either way, it’s a great method for returning resources back to the planet and probably the most natural one that we currently have at our disposal.

Composting goes hand in hand with restaurants, especially those using a lot of ingredients that started as a plant in the first place. We’ll post new updates on this story if anything comes up.

Source: Mike Dunn, CBS Philly