Just in case you don’t know what antiquing is, it is when you go shopping at antique shops. You can find all different types of antique shops in and around Raleigh. There are antique shops dedicated to specific items such as lamps, furniture, or clothes but there are also shops that sell anything that could be considered an antique. So, if you’re interested in going antiquing in Raleigh, here are a few great shops to visit.

Form and Function


Form and Function was started by Carole Marcotte after years of renovating homes and selling antiques in Raleigh and Asheville. She encourages her clients to either work with what they have or buy used or antique items when redesigning or renovating. The store offers interior design services as well as they have their own retail store where they sell all different types of antiques.

The Form and Function retail store offers vintage and antique products as well as items that have been repurposed, have a “green” quality, or if they are made in America. You can also purchase their products online on eBay or Chairish. If you are thinking about remodeling your home in Raleigh, be sure to check out Form and Function for some great antique and vintage items.

Furbish Studio


The Furbish Studio is an online shop as well as a brick and mortar antique store in Raleigh. They offer one-of-a-kind gifts as well as unique pieced for the home. Their style is extremely apparent on their website and in all of the pictures. Most of their items are a mix of either bright and bold colors or vibrant/eclectic patterns.

If you are looking for fun and trendy items as well some vintage and antique home décor pieces, the Furbish Studio in Raleigh is a good place to look. They offer a wide range of home furnishings and accessories, as well as gifts and jewelry, coffee table books, tabletop items and much more. To see what they have to sell you can either visit their store in Raleigh or shop their online store.

Antiques at Gresham Lake


Antiques at Gresham Lake is your classic antique and vintage mall. This is the place to go when you have been looking for that one certain special items for years. Their wide variety of items can keep you shopping and browsing for hours. Their mall houses many different antique deals who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about antiques and vintage items.

The owners of Antiques at Gresham Lake are Gregory Kana, Cathy Matarese and Katherine Mitchell. They opened the mall in 2009 and in the same location as the former Gresham Lake Antique Mall. Thanks to the mall being opened in the same location, many of the original deals were fortunate enough to stay with the new owners.

Revival Antiques


Revival Antiques and Accessories offers a wide range vintage and antique home furnishings. They are not your classical or typical antique store because they like to mix the old with the new. The store features antiques from many different dealers and suppliers across the Northeast. Revival also offers certain items “as is”, which means you can buy the item just as they found it.

The owners of Revival, Joe and Jodie, have shared a love for antiques and vintage items for years. In 1997, they moved to Raleigh were Joe continued his work in construction and Jodie pursued the field of design. Their love for antiquing began to grow and that is when they decided to open their store. Joe left construction in 2006 and began helping Jodie make her dreams of having her own antique shop a reality and that is how Revival came to be.

SuzAnna’s Antiques


SuzAnna’s Antiques is a quaint little antique shop in Raleigh. The items in the shop are always changing for the new trends and with the seasons. They sell everything from home décor to linens to furniture and whatever else you may need or want. Their items are all moderately priced and they occasionally post deals and upcoming events to their Facebook page.

Antiquing is a great way to find interesting and unique pieces for home décor. If you are considering a home or room remodel, be sure to check out the home improvement section of our blog. Feel free to leave us a comment in the section below with any other antique shops we may have missed. We look forward to hearing from you!