There’s a heaping helping of construction news coming out of Durham, North Carolina, as well as the capital city Raleigh. PHDevelopers has their focus set on the site of the Ole NC Bar-B-Que, which will be torn down to make room for an upscale retail center. A Starbucks and a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop are already slated for the location which is set to open in July.

PHDevelopers is also turning the old Bavarian Brathaus restaurant into another retail building, this one also housing a Starbucks, as well as an AT&T and Mattress Firm. This retail space is also going to open in July, and both of these buildings will be built by D.H. Griffin Construction.

In the capital, PHDevelopers is starting a 20,000 sq. foot building where the Summit Auto dealership used to be on Capital Boulevard. In this space, residents will find a Five Guys Burgers, Eye Mart, Mattress Firm and Mattress Pro, a Vitamin Shoppe, and a McAlister’s Deli. PHDevelopers has also bought a building in Raleigh near Triangle Town Center mall with plans to build a new structure there as well.

All these demolition jobs are going to need somewhere to put all the waste. Thankfully, Raleigh-area dumpster rentals are easy to come by. And what’s even better, these dumpsters serve many purposes. The same dumpster can be used to handle waste for the demolition, construction, and even any remodeling that needs to be handled.

Just make sure you’re asking the right questions when it’s time to get a dumpster. The last thing you want is to place an order and get stuck with a roll-off that won’t get the job done. Make sure you have the right size and type of dumpster for the project at hand. Ask questions whenever you are unsure about any part of the rental process, you should understand the terms of service involved with your rental.

Source: Triangle Business Journal