Contrary to popular belief, landfills are not bottomless pits. There will be a point hopefully not in the near future when they reach their maximum capacity.

Fortunately, one business in particular has taken it upon themselves to help slow the build up of landfills. CompostNow, which is based in Raleigh, NC, is at the forefront of this sustainability movement. North Carolina is in desperate need of solutions to the rapid amassing in local landfills and it is the efforts of businesses like CompostNow that are providing overwhelmingly positive results.

CompostNow collects food scraps once a week from the households of subscribing customers. Food and other organic materials are the leading contributors to landfills across the United States and over 40% of all food is thrown away. This allows for a lot of collection by CompostNow and has diverted over 50,000 pounds of food waste from landfills in their short existence as a service.

After the scraps are gathered, CompostNow coverts all of the organic materials into fertile soil for the customers use. This company allows the waste removal process to come full circle and hopefully generate bountiful plant life. If the customers do not want the soil or do not have a garden, they can donate the converted compost to various local gardens located all over the greater Charlotte area.

Customers of CompostNow have yielded very noble results and have cut down on 1/3 of their total waste that would normally go to landfills. This is equivalent to around 500 pounds a year. The success of CompostNow have allowed expansion to other cities in North Carolina and plan to grow their door to door service to larger metropolitan areas within the year.

Not only is CompostNow gaining popularity in it our region but also has received recognition as a Top Ten Green Small Business in the United States.  This company has taken the lead but it is the duties of the average citizen to take the initiative to continue its success.