American made, better yet, San Antonio made solar panels can bring clean and renewable energy to customers across the nation. Solar power is one the few forms of clean energy readily available among homeowners. In 2011, one San Antonio based solar energy company had the revolutionary idea to build a silicon-based PV manufacturing plant in the US. This plant is known as Mission Solar Energy.

While most other solar energy plants are based in Asia, Mission Solar decided to trust American workers, their bold decision has definitely paid off. Recently, they have constructed a 100MW facility in San Antonio for their business. Mission Solar has the ability to sustain their company in both the domestic and global energy markets. Due to their American made background and San Antonio home, they will be forced to face quite a few issues.

Some of these potential issues include being able to find qualified and educated individuals in the area to work in the factory. Another issue they must surpass is the fact that San Antonio is known for wind power and not solar power. In the United States, California and Arizona have led the industry in solar power energy. All of these potential issues have been laid to rest in the past few months.

mission solar energy san antonio, tx

The company has had no issue finding people in the area as well as bringing people from outside the area to work in the facility. San Antonio is a city on the rise, with other major manufacturing businesses based in the area. Thanks to the large amount of sun Texas receives, they will have no problem utilizing solar energy. Rhone Resch, who is the president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association has been quoted as saying,

“Texas has the potential to be a MASSIVE solar market. To put it into perspective, the sunshine that falls on Texas each month has more energy than all of the oil that has ever been pumped out of this state.  If you think oil made Texas great, just wait till you see what they do with solar….”

Mission Solar Energy is committed to investing back into the San Antonio community. They plan to create relationships with local school districts to be able to teach about solar energy in school. They are working to provide affordable solar power systems for local school districts which can be used to inspire children to utilize solar based energy and provide them hands-on experience in solar energy. Mission Solar is also partnering with the University of Texas at San Antonio to work on other solar based projects.

Thanks to Mission Solar Energy, solar power has finally been put on the map in the United States. Just as they are launching their 100MW manufacturing facility in San Antonio today, they are preparing to install additional production lines to bring the facility to more than 200MW in the future. Mission Solar Energy has maintained to stay in front of the crowd of solar power, due to their gutsy decisions made back in 2011.