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Dumpster Rental Easton, PA

Our Garbage Dumpsters Can Handle Anything!

Choose Budget Dumpster and save a bundle on your next dumpster rental. We serve Easton and greater Allentown, PA with low-cost garbage dumpsters. But these dumpsters can handle more than just the average garbage. Each bin can be used for hauling large household items and construction materials. So you've been looking for a way to toss out that old drywall from your last remodel, just give us a ring and we'll send you a dumpster for all of it!

Save Between $25 and $100 with Budget Dumpster!

  • Rent sizes of 10, 20, and 30 cubic yards
  • We can deliver to a variety of different locations including: residential driveways, construction sites, retail centers, warehouses, and more!
  • Get a low rate for your dumpsters every time!
  • Use our dumpsters for a wide range of different projects
  • Each container can carry multiple tons of debris

Budget Dumpster can offer you the peace of mind of knowing that your waste is being removed from your property by a professional and trusted waste hauling service. When we take a customer's order we ensure that they are renting the appropriate dumpster for the type of debris they are getting rid of. But that doesn't mean just making sure the concrete goes in the concrete container. We also make sure that the volume of debris is going to fit inside the container. That saves our customers a bundle of money!

Household & Construction Dumpsters

10 Yard Dumpster

10 yard dumpster truck icon 3x

Holds ~ Three Pickup Truck Loads

Common Uses for this Size Dumpster:
  • Ideal for cleaning out the garage or attic.
  • A small size that can fit practically anywhere.
  • Dispose of small amounts of household and construction debris.

15 Yard Dumpster

15 yard dumpster truck icon 4.5x

Holds ~ Four and a Half Pickup Truck Loads

Common Uses for this Size Dumpster:
  • Useful for small remodels and cleanup projects.
  • Can accommodate light demolition materials.
  • Low height makes disposal super-easy.

20 Yard Dumpster

20 yard dumpster truck icon 6x

Holds ~ Six Pickup Truck Loads

Common Uses for this Size Dumpster:
  • A great size for roofing and remodeling projects.
  • Easily dispose of household junk and light construction debris.
  • Also useful for small-scale demolitions.

30 Yard Dumpster

30 yard dumpster truck icon 9x

Holds ~ Nine Pickup Truck Loads

Common Uses for this Size Dumpster:
  • Great for home renovations or multiple remodels.
  • Can easily accommodate construction and demolition debris.
  • A convenient size for large-scale cleanouts.

40 Yard Dumpster

40 yard dumpster truck icon 12x

Holds ~ Twelve Pickup Truck Loads

Common Uses for this Size Dumpster:
  • Great for building renovations and large demolitions.
  • Dispose of several tons of debris at once.
  • Perfect for contractors with large-scale projects.

Special Use Dumpsters

Yard Waste Dumpsters

Looking to do a little landscaping? We offer dumpster rentals just for yard debris, including branches, grass, shrubs and more. Pricing, sizes, material restrictions and weight limits may vary. Give us a call and we'll find the right yard waste dumpster for your project.

Heavy Use Dumpsters

Wrapping up a big project? We'll send you a concrete dumpster for all your heavy materials, including block, brick and asphalt. Pricing, sizes, material restrictions and weight limits may vary. Get in touch today and we'll find the right size roll off container for your heavy debris.

How Does a Trash Incinerator Create Energy?

Trash incinerators are becoming a growing trend in the waste management industry as a way to both improve landfill capacity and generate relatively green energy in the process. The way it works is trash is taken from either a landfill or is transported directly from consumers to a trash incinerator. These facilities are built with large chambers that act as giant ovens for the waste. The trash is placed inside the chamber and burns up producing gases and ash as a byproduct. The ash is discarded in a landfill, while the gases are collected.

Waste incineration produces carbon dioxide and methane, as well as other noxious gases that are cleaned out before the carbon dioxide is released into the air. But the methane is not released and is instead diverted to a methane-burning combustion engine. The gas is ignited inside the engine which drives an electric turbine. The turbine generates the electricity which can then be used to power the facility or be distributed through the electric grid.

By taking ordinary trash, no different from the waste we collect with our Easton dumpster rentals; trash incineration plants are able to produce copious amounts of energy. Of course, the process does still generate greenhouse gases, but the carbon released from the waste is over ten times less than the emissions of a coal-fired power plant. That means more electricity for you and me, less trash in the nation's landfills, and a much healthier environment.

You can expect to see more of these waste-to-energy plants popping up in the future as more cities and towns look to curb their trash and generate more power!


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Very professional

Very professional, on time, great rates. Will absolutely use again

Joel, 12/06/2021 Verified order

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Dear Budget Dumpster,

Dear Budget Dumpster, Very good execution. Dumpster arrived when you said it would and was picked-up on the agreed date with contact and reminders throughout the rental period. Your agent was friendly and concerned that needs were met. I could have used more information concerning weight and volume (for roofing materials) due to an over-estimation of the dumpster size, however, I realize that your agents do not have crystal balls on their desks. Also, I did not receive a weight receipt from the disposal site as requested, to help estimate future rental sizes. Overall, I would use you again!

Allan, 12/05/2021 Verified order

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While others said we can't

While others said we can't, Justin delivered a 20-yard bin within a working day. Sometimes, you can't plan ahead. It's great to have someone ready to save the situation.

Antonio, 12/01/2021 Verified order

Star Logo

Fair price and easy drop off and pick up. Perfect for what we needed

no issues easy process and the women in the office were super helpful. Still cringe at what we spent to get rid of garbage but they made it super easy and decent price compared to others.

Jo, 11/22/2021 Verified order

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Great service. Quick and easy. No hassle.

Brenda, 11/15/2021 Verified order

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I really enjoyed working with Budget…

I really enjoyed working with Budget Dumpster! Michael was really quick in getting a hold of me to discuss my rental. He answered all of my questions and made everything very easy to understand. I love the flat rate as I know exactly what I will be paying without all the hidden fees and taxes etc. My dumpster was delivered early but not to early and placed right where we wanted it. Then we were finished with it and it was quickly picked up. I now know just who to call now for all my clean up projects!Thanks again everyone at Budget Dumpster!

Sherry J Morris, 11/09/2021 Verified order

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Great customer service by Matt Zajo

Matt Zajo was the best customer service operator I have interacted with at Dumpster Rental. I ordered a dumpster on October 29 through Matt Zajo and he was courteous, efficient and very helpful. Thanks Matt!

Safina Uberoi, 11/09/2021 Verified order

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Was pleased with everything

Was pleased with everything about the service from finding them to effortless delivery and pick up. Emails and directions very clear to me, and I am not good with techs things. Thank you

Cornelia, 11/08/2021 Verified order

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