Mulch is an important factor in your garden beds. It conserves moisture in the soil by slowing down evaporation, it improves texture and soil fertility and also suppresses weeds. When you are using mulch in your garden beds, you are not only saving water and keeping the soil healthy, but you are making your garden beautiful and neat at the same time.


There are many different kinds of mulch you can use in your yard. Organic mulch (most common), wood chip mulch, rubber mulch and so much more. The best mulch you can use are the materials you have in your yard and even your kitchen. From grass clippings to egg shells, you can create the best “black gold” in the neighborhood. A DIY Garbage Can Compost isn’t that hard to make either!

But if you don’t have the time to start crafting your own compost pile or mulch, the city of Los Angeles offers a free mulch give-away program called Closing the Loop. There are 11 different locations where residents can receive free mulch.  Each location has its separate mulch drop off schedule and pick up hours. Closing the Loop is a way to reduce green waste around Los Angeles.

“Collectively, residents and businesses in Los Angeles County sent 557,000 tons of green waste to landfills for recovery in 2012, which is equivalent to 110 pounds per resident. This amount is enough to fill the Staples Center 3 times. ” – Department of Public Works

Examples of green waste includes yard waste (shrubs, tree trimmings, brushes), untreated wood waste (branches, stumps). Green waste is not treated wood, manure or food waste. To receive free mulch, bring your own shovel and bag. You can take as much as you need!


Along with the Closing the Loop program, Los Angeles distributes green carts to most residents. These green carts give residents the opportunity to properly dispose of green waste. The city realizes the importance and benefits of green waste. The Closing the Loop program and the green carts are supporting the stance on sustainability that the Department of Public Works made in 2013. The stance on sustainability goes as the following, “we will act with foresight to ensure the long-term vitality and well-being of the communities we serve and the environment in which we live. We will seek a balanced approach in delivering multi-beneficial projects, programs and service in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible way.”

Budget Dumpster loves to hear about different ways cities are being environmentally friendly. We can’t wait to hear what the city of Los Angeles has in store next!