When renting a dumpster for cleanup or remodeling around the house, you are saving money on trips to the junkyard or from hiring an expensive contractor to do work for you. A dumpster rental in Louisville, Kentucky can be an easy way to get rid of all the excess trash from your projects; however, the amount of trash you put in the dumpster costs money and your neighbors insist on upping your bill. While the dumpsters available do not have an infallible way to stop neighbors from throwing their trash in, there are some ways that you can minimize the amounts and protect your investment.

Keep the Dumpster Close and Your Enemies (Neighbors) at Arm’s Length

If you want to discourage casual dumping, have the company place your dumpster in the driveway or on the lawn close to the house. Most people won’t bother if they have to go out of their way and the more likely they are to get caught trespassing, the less likely they are to use your rental for their trash. Force them to either go away or brazenly break the law.

Size Matters

When ordering your dumpster rental, take the time to properly estimate the amount of space you will need for the project. If you just order the biggest size you can get without thinking, neighbors will see a lot of space that isn’t being used and assume they can chuck whatever they want in. If there isn’t extra room, people are less likely to use your rental.

Don’t Let Your Dumpster Sit Idly

Not only is renting a dumpster and then not using it for a week a waste of money, it’s a temptation for those who have extra trash accumulating. Make a schedule and stick to it and if you need to extend your rental, so be it.

Put a Tarp on It!

If worse comes to worst–and especially if you will need the dumpster for a longer period of time–investing in a tarp to cover the dumpster rental might be truly worthwhile. Considering the amount of extra money you would put out for other people’s trash, buying a tarp will be worth it and will discourage all but the most determined of neighbors.