LOUISVILLE, KY – The residents of Louisville KY are fed up with the mess that continues to accumulate under the old Baxter Station railroad underpasses. They are setting up a cleanup that will require permission from CSX Transportation.

Under the railroad station’s underpasses, waste materials of all types can be seen. Everything from broken glass, to junk and debris is beginning to quickly amass. Children tend to play down in the area too which can be quite dangerous, especially with the broken glass and other potentially harmful materials.

On the Saturday before the Thunder Over Louisville event, The Irish Hill Neighborhood Association plans to conduct a volunteer cleanup. They just need to get permission from CSX Transportation first, which can be difficult and time consuming.

The residents of Louisville and the Irish Hill neighborhood have gone on to explain their disgust with the area, claiming that it acts as a shelter for homeless people and that it creates an eyesore for the neighborhood. The community can’t even walk through the underpasses without stepping over broken liquor bottles and other dangerous materials. There are even waste materials such as mattresses and other huge materials which create less space to roam.

Not only is littering and dumping illegal under the underpasses but it creates a hazard. The creek that sits underneath the underpasses and around the railroad station is becoming contaminated by the trash and waste materials. This creates a huge problem when waterways are contaminated.

Practicing proper waste disposal is crucial. Our environment suffers from the waste that people tend to dump and litter everywhere. Tossing away your trash into a proper dumpster container or taking waste materials to a waste disposal center where it can be sorted is part of practicing proper waste disposal methods. Recycling and reusing are also options that are even more helpful in keeping our earth green.

Via: Courier Journal