Apocalypse Brew Works 

This brewery and taproom began serving thirsty customers in May of 2012. From the start, Apocalypse Brew Works has been creating the complete sustainability package. From solar-heated water, grain reuse, material recycling, the re-use of found objects and equipment used to build their brewery, they have been able to contribute to the great craft beer scene in Louisville without negatively impacting the local environment.


Apocalypse Brew Works is located at 1612 Mellwood Ave. Louisville, KY 40206. Click this image to visit their website!

Since establishing a sustainable foundation, Apocalypse Brew Works will continue expanding and making even greener beer. Apocalypse Brew Works even enlists cats to patrol the brewery to protect the grain from pests. Take a tour of the facility or sit down for a few of the freshest brews in Louisville.


This cell phone recycling business is family owned and operated in Louisville. By starting in 2003, Eco-Cell is not only on the forefront from the e-waste movement in the state, but also the entire country. With drop-off locations spread throughout the United States, Eco-Cell is able to properly recycle or dispose hundreds of thousands of electronics every year.

What separates Eco-Cell from other e-waste recyclers is their partnership with wildlife. Many people do not realize that in order to create our precious cell phones, we must mine for the necessary materials in remote parts of Africa. This has been very detrimental both the habitats and also those who that live in them.

Over 10 years ago, Eco-Cell started working with the Louisville Zoo, where they first learned of this connection between electronics and endangered wildlife. This became Eco-Cell’s focus and positively changed course of the company. To find out where to drop off or how to send your cell phone to Eco-Cell, click here.

Farm to Fork

By partnering with local farmers, producers and artisans, Farm to Fork is able to bring food free of antibiotics, steroids, and hormones directly to the people of Louisville. Despite having all of its products naturally raised, Farm to Fork is able to provide a tremendous diversity of food. Of course, this wouldn’t be sustainable business if the food was the only green thing about it!


Farm to Fork is located 502 Warnock Street Louisville, KY 40217. Click this image to see if you are within their service area!

Farm to Fork reduces its impact on our environment by using only eco-friendly catering supplies and composting any left overs, if there are any. Using Farm to Fork catering service, allows you not only invest in the well being of yourself, but also your local community. Make your next meal from the farm, by using Farm to Fork!

Green BEAN Delivery


BEAN, LLC is a dynamic food company that takes a multi-faceted approach to building local food systems. Their goal is to make healthy and sustainably-grown local food affordable, accessible and convenient to its communities, including Louisville. They are able to accomplish this in several ways.

Doorstep Delivery
Green BEAN Delivery, a subsidiary of BEAN, LLC, brings organic produce and natural groceries—free of additives and preservatives—to Louisville member’s doorsteps. They strive to source our food as locally as possible, so they partnered with numerous Kentucky-based farmers and artisans who offer unique and quality products, including Ashbourne Farms, Blue Dog Bakery, Bourbon Barrel Foods, Elmwood Stock Farm, Foxhollow Farm, Kentucky Bison Company, Lotsa Pasta, Sunergos Coffee, Kenny’s Farmstead Cheese, JD’s Milk, Rooibee Tea, Marksbury Farms, Nancy’s Bagels, Steckler Grassfed and Najla’s. Through these partnerships, local vendors are able to reach their market potential in a way they previously could not.

Community Outreach
It is important to us to be plugged into each community. Local is woven into their DNA as a company, and they strive to make a difference in the community as a whole by partnering with people and organizations that share our values and goals. In Louisville, Green BEAN Delivery supports Dare to Care Food Bank by increasing the flow of fruits, vegetables and grocery items to the organization. This partnership is just one more way they are making sustainably grown, healthy food more readily available to all members of the Louisville community.

Workplace Wellness
Green BEAN Delivery also teamed up with local businesses, including GUESS and Norton Healthcare, to encourage a community-based approach to health and wellness in the workplace. Green BEAN Delivery provides the following free tools to aid employees in realizing their healthy eating goals: hosted Q&A sessions to introduce staff to the service, recipes, tips and resources that enable lasting diet changes, reporting to track participation in the program for continued improvement and overall success, and employee discounts.

As the region’s largest online natural and organic grocery delivery service, Green BEAN Delivery will continue to find ways to address the Louisville communities’ greatest food challenges.

Greater Kentucky Sierra Club

Every true environmentalist has heard of the Sierra Club, but many may not realize how influential the local chapter has been to Louisville. The Greater Louisville Sierra Club (GLSC) has established a variety of programs to monitor the pollution in the Ohio River and area waterways to ultimately protect wildlife and Louisville’s drinking water.

From protecting our environment, to protecting the average citizen in litigation, the GLSC will do everything in its power to keep Louisville on a sustainable path. By joining forces with other like minded environmental groups, GLSC is able spread its message to an even wider audience.


Click this image to learn more or get involved with the Sierra Club! It is an essential part of Louisville’s history and will be a major part of its future.

When Louisville was atop a list of the fastest warming cities, they reacted swiftly and work with the “Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities” pilot program to the area. The project is helping revitalize Louisville tree canopies to decrease pollution, along with many other benefits. The Greater Louisville Sierra Club is an essential part of Louisville’s history and will be a major part of its future.


It would be rather difficult to make a list of the top sustainable spots in Louisville, without even mentioning Harvest. This award winning ‘Farm to Table” restaurant has set the environmental standard for the area. With over 80% of its ingredients gathered from within 100 miles and using a seasonal menu, Harvest seems to be doing everything right.


Located in the heart of NuLu, Harvest is easily accessible and always welcoming to new environmentally friendly eaters. If you haven’t made your way to Harvest, you have missed out.

Inn at Woodhaven

You may not think of a bed and breakfast as sustainable, but it actually it is much more environmentally friendly than a hotel. The Inn at Woodhaven allows visitors to stay and eat local, while getting a  sense of what its like to live in Louisville. The buildings on the property were constructed in 1853 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Click this image if you want to stay at the Inn at Woodhaven!

It takes hard work and dedication to sustain this true Louisville treasure. We are able to step back in time and have a unique experience. Make the Inn at Woodhaven your destination, when you visit Louisville.

Kentucky Solar Energy Society

The biggest obstacle facing the Kentucky Solar Energy Society (KySES) is educating area residents that solar energy in the State of Kentucky is in fact possible. Members of KySES have been working to overcome that hindrance by working with schools and even universities to understand the benefits of alternative forms of energy, especially solar.

kyses_ground_plug_logo_091809_popp-300x97With energy prices on the rise, the Kentucky Solar Energy Society wants to provide options to its residents that will help financially and also the environment. KySES has been spreading their message by advocating for solar themed license plates and leading solar tours throughout Kentucky.

Currently Louisville has a relatively low solar presence, but hopes to have over 2016 installations by the year 2016. This would still be rather low in comparison to other major cities, but it would put Louisville in a good position moving forward. With help from the Kentucky Solar Energy Society, the state will have a solid foundation to move into the alternative energy future.

LifeBar Louisville

Founded in 2010 by Chase Barmore, LIFEbar Louisville stepped up to filled the need for a healthy meals on the go. This business goes beyond catering to the sustainable needs of its Louisville consumers. They compost 100% of their products, raise all organic produce and even pay a living wage to their employees.


However we do not want to limit what LIFEbar Louisville has also done for its residents. In early 2014, a Louisville local lost 46 pounds in 58 days by using the only products produced by LIFEbar. You can have LIFEbar Lousiville delivered right to your home or look out for its new location in the Summer of 2015.

The Green Building

Louisville’s first commercial Platinum LEED Certified building. This 119 year old masonry transformed into a state of the art sustainable structure beginning in 2007 . Insulated with recycled denim, outfitted with 81 solar panels and countless other environmental efforts, this building has set the tone for construction in Louisville’s future. Check out this video to see Louisville’s greenest project from a drone!


Founder Clay Miller was born, raised and currently lives in Louisville. Although his life and gardening efforts remain local, he is able to spread his environmental message through his popular blog and website Ways2GoGreen. Since 2008, Miller has been using his site as a medium to deliver a wide variety of educational resources to the masses.

Whether you are from Louisville or not, you are able to save money and help save the planet by simply visiting his website.