Green Drinks is a group of people in almost every major city who gets together once a month to discuss the environment, and what better way to discuss the environment than to do so over drinks. The newest chapter to open is in Memphis, TN. The Memphis chapter celebrated its launch October 21st at Alchemy in Midtown. Meetings will be held every month on the third Tuesday at different Project Green Fork-certified venues around Memphis. For information on the next gathering, check out their website at

For the first meeting, John Zeanah, leader of the Greenprint project and administrator with the Memphis-Shelby County Office of Sustainability, spoke about his work in Memphis. The Greenprint project aims to provide more transportation choices within and between communities through increased greenway. They also promote affordable housing for urban neighborhoods by improving the environmental conditions.Green Drinks Memphis

The Memphis-Shelby County Office of Sustainability works as a “green” liaison between county and city officials to lead them to make environmentally conscious decisions. They are also the major funders behind the Greenprint project. The Office of Sustainability is a resource and regional advocate on topics such as energy efficiency, green building practices, waste reduction, sustainable economic development and recycling in the area.

The Memphis chapter of Green Drinks was founded by a group of Memphians that care about the environment and want to share the many great stories about the Memphis environment. Two of the founders of the chapter are Dermot Murray and Matthew Hawks of FedEx. Murray is the FedEx Sustainability Business Strategy Manager and Hawks is the FedEx Express Manager of Hub Operations. These two men contacted Rosenthal, who is the International Paper Sustainability Project Leader, to form the Memphis chapter of Green Drinks.

For future meetings, they are hoping to have speakers brought in from the Wolf River Conservancy and Project Green Fork. They plan to bring environmentally knowledgeable people from around the area in to speak about issues they are passionate about. These speakers will inform everyone about the importance of caring for our planet and open up the floor for others to be heard. The meetings are all about giving people the opportunity to connect with others who share their passion for the environment.

Green Drinks events are found across the world, there are events in almost every country and city in the United States. If there isn’t a Green Drinks near you, you can set one up. The events are simple and unstructured and many have found these events as a place to meet new friends, find employment and of course just have a great time. Everyone is welcome to attend their events and bring a friend. Even if you do not like to drink alcohol, you can still participate in the discussions.