KPMG is one the nation’s largest accounting firms, and when they make their move from downtown to East Memphis, they plan to “go green.” The company reported earlier this month, they have signed a lease for a little over 10 years for the 7,000 square foot space in the Triad Centre III.  When they make the big move, they plan to seek advice from leaders in the field of environmental sustainability.

The reason behind their decision to move is to be closer to their clients, according to Greg Barnes, managing partner of KPMG LLP’s local office. KPMG is a very client-centric business and they are dedicated to providing for the wants and needs of their clients. Barnes has always been a huge fan of the downtown location, but he has stated that if you were to map out where their clients live, the majority would land in the East Memphis area.

“With easy access to major thoroughfares, proximity to restaurants, retail and many of our clients, the Poplar corridor will be a great location for us,” said Greg Barnes “Our new space and technology enhancements, many aimed at supporting a mobile workforce, will enable us to work more efficiently and collaboratively to better serve our clients.”

Barnes is excited for the move and the new office because it will allow for the company to complete their goals with “going green.” The Triad Centre where they will be located is Memphis’ first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified building. The move will allow for KPMG to reduce the firm’s square footage to allow for more “hoteling,” which means having more accountants work remotely in shared

In keeping with KPMG’s “Living Green” initiative, the company will seek leadership in energy and environmental design for the office build-out. This will help the business minimize its environmental footprint through the use of natural lighting, sustainable construction materials and practices, and other environmentally friendly building techniques.

The official date for the move has not yet been made public. KPMG in Memphis has about 60 employees and even more clients. Their decision to move and make it environmentally friendly is a great way to encourage other businesses to consider their impacts on the environment. For more information regarding this article or if you want to leave any comments or suggestions, you can do so in the section below. Thanks for reading our blog and feel free to browse our entire site or read more about renting a dumpster in Memphis.

Story Via: Memphis Business Journal