Several tornadoes hit Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas and states this week. Oklahoma City in particular, was hit by a two mile wide tornado that killed dozens of children and adults. The amount of damage caused to the state is unfathomable.

Oklahoma landfills have prepared themselves for the onslaught of debris and waste that will soon be arriving as soon as cleanup begins in the state. From buildings to homes, the amount of debris and waste covering the ground is just too much to estimate at this time.

While the damage is still being assessed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and rescues are still in progress, the waste materials and debris have yet to be gathered. Waste management companies are waiting for the go ahead and to see what they will need to aid in the cleanup such as providing roll off dumpsters and equipment to get the grounds clean.

Before the cleanup for all the heavy debris and more massive amounts of waste can be gathered for disposal, the streets must be cleared off first. This will allow the waste haulers and cleanup crews to make their way through the state with their prepared equipment.

The landfills intend to have grinders and shredders to help condense the large amounts of waste and debris that will be headed their way. They even have other nearby landfills on standby. Any lumber that comes to the landfills will be ground up and used for other things such as covering the rest of the debris in the landfill to help break it down.

The efforts that the landfills are prepared to put forth are going to help tremendously. It is always crucial for proper waste disposal to be practiced in any situation especially when a major storm hits. The waste and debris that cover the state consist of many different materials such as glass, concrete, lumber, metal, and more. All of these materials will need to be disposed of creatively or even condensed so that the landfills are not overcome with the onslaught of waste coming in.

Source: The Journal Record