Affordable Comfort has been allowing customers throughout Missouri and Illinois to save money and improve their energy efficiency of their home. This full service company is able to make your summer cooler and your winter warmer. Learn more about Affordable Comfort and how you will benefit by taking advantage of this sustainable service.


Affordable Comfort’s service provides an essential need, but how did your business get its start?

In the early 1990’s, we saw a need for indoor air quality work. We started out doing testing for Radon Gas, lead paint, Asbestos and other indoor air pollutants. We have evolved into a full-service Home Performance Solution, that looks at every aspect of the home to ensure the comfort of the inhabitants, as well as energy efficiency to keep utilities bills (and energy waste) low.

Did Affordable Comfort set out to be a green business?

Not exactly, but the Weatherization Program grabbed our interest right away. We may not have founded the business with the idea of being a “green” business, but we have been a part of the “Go Green” movement long before it became a popular trend!

What are qualities that separate Affordable Comfort from others in the industry?

We have been focused on energy efficiency for over 20 years. It is what we think about 60 or 70 hours a week. This is not just our business, it is our passion. We truly believe in energy efficiency and are always working towards bringing more awareness to the importance of energy conservation. We don’t try to hide our trade secrets, we aim to educate the public through blog posts and YouTube videos. We even provide DIY options for small changes that can be made within the home that will make a big difference in the home’s overall performance.

How does the insulation of homes differ around the country? Would Affordable Comfort be able to flourish in a consistently warm weather state?

In the Midwest, we have full on winter and full on summer. We use our furnace for 4 to 5 months and our air conditioner 4 or 5 months out of the year. Up north, they may not have as harsh of a summer, but their heating season lasts 6 to 8 months. The warmer climates will spend 8-9 months cranking the AC trying to keep their homes cool. Affordable Comfort could certainly flourish in a consistently warm weather state, because proper insulation is necessarily to keep cool air in and the hot air out. In a poorly insulated home, you can set the thermostat as low as you want and the AC will run continuously, straining itself to keep the home cool, meanwhile all that cool air (and your money) will be leaking out through the walls and you’ll still be sweating.

What advancements in installation has taken place since Affordable Comfort has been in business?

We have learned that not only do we need to install plenty of insulation, (often much more than the outdated building code standards) but we have also learned that we need to look to get an airtight seal throughout the thermal envelope of the home. Technology has evolved in this field, just like any other. The development of spray foam products helps us get a great air-tight seal along with plenty of insulation.

Many of your services provide customers with a return on their investment. What are some other advantages of using Affordable Comfort?

We help them sort out what is worth the effort. We focus on the big stuff, like the attic and band sill. That’s about 90% of the battle in most homes. We thoroughly explain the costs involved with any insulation job and give the customer an idea of what the proposed changes will look like in terms of their energy bill savings. We also don’t try to up sell customers on unnecessary upgrades. In this blog we explain why Spray Foam insulation is so great, but we also explain that we created a Hybrid Package that mixes Spray Foam and Cellulose insulation, which lowers the cost without sacrificing results, giving the customer a much quicker return on investment.


Can the average Do-It-Yourselfer accomplish home insulation project?

Yes, but only if they thoroughly research the process and completely understand how the Thermal Envelope functions. They would need to start with some videos about the thermal envelope, home performance, and how to achieve an airtight barrier. They would also need to know what type of insulation to use in different parts of the home, as well as research how much insulation their area of the country calls for.

Affordable Comfort allows its customers to conserve a great deal of energy. What are the other benefits of insulating your home?

We get the comfort level of their home to where it should be. No one should be shivering in the winter or sweating in the summer while they drain their bank accounts on energy bills. Unfortunately, that is exactly the case for many homes (even brand new ones!) when they are not properly insulated. We also help them do their part to help protect the environment by reducing their carbon byproducts footprint.

How does your company determine where and how much of the home needs insulation?

We first look at the attic to identify the type of insulation and how much is needed. The ceiling plane is where the most energy is lost. After the attic, we move to the basement or crawl space, then the walls and floors. We are checking for the right kind of insulation and a good air barrier.

How much reduction in energy consumption will result after using Affordable Comfort?

We help the average homeowner save 30-35% on their energy bills.

Has Affordable Comfort ever found anything interesting while insulating a home?

Make sure your heating and cooling units are well maintained and when it comes time to replace the equipment look for the EnergyStar logo.EnergyStarLogo They can also save money by doing a survey of their base-load usage, which includes power from appliances, water, electronics, and lighting. You’d be surprised how much energy is sucked up by base-load items that are rarely in use.

What does the future hold for Affordable Comfort?

We are looking to continue to study the building science craft and help as many clients as we can to be more energy efficient.

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