The St. Louis County landfill in Missouri poses harmful effects on the environment. It contains hazardous, radioactive waste materials that can be dangerous to the environment and lawmakers are insisting that the Environmental Protective Agency (EPA) do something more to control and stop the situation.

st. louis county landfillThe St. Louis County landfill, West Lake Landfill is also near the Bridgeport Landfill, which has lawmakers and residence concerned. The radioactive materials found in the West Lake Landfill are something to be concerned about. Radioactive materials can seriously harm any living thing. Some of the residents are even more worried that an explosion may occur. The Bridgeport Landfill currently has an underground fire they are trying to contain. If the fire should reach the radioactive materials at the West Lake Landfill, disaster could occur.

Lawmakers are also encouraging the EPA to reach out to the Army Corps of Engineers in regards to the matter. They think that the Army Corps of Engineers could be of great assistance in handling the matter properly.

Radioactive and hazardous materials cannot be thrown away like any other piece types of waste materials. They need to be specially cared for and handled with great ease. Many waste disposal companies won’t even accept such waste materials.

As lawmakers try to handle this matter with the EPA, St. Louis County residents will just have to wait it out. The matter will be addressed one way or another in order to protect everyone as well as the surrounding environment. Meanwhile, Bridgeport Landfill will have to do their best to cease the fire they have underground at the landfill, and try not to let it near the West Lake Landfill. This could prove to be a very big disaster should the fire hit any of the radioactive materials.