A family run recycling service, Momentum Recycling had recently opened up a glass processing facility. The reason for this was to accommodate for the larger amounts of glass that kept coming into the recycling center. Glass materials are a problem for the community of Salt Lake City UT.

Momentum Recycling had begun as a local hauler for larger companies and their waste materials only to realize that recycling facilities were needed in the Salt Lake City area. The company then transformed themselves into a recycling center. Over the past few years that they have been running, they have realized that glass waste was a becoming a problem in the area.

Utah has a relatively lower rate of residents who recycle. The U.S. average of recycling glass is about 30% while Utah’s is about 4%. Momentum Recycling is doing what they can to change that.

The glass is gathered by a curbside glass collection program and taken to the new processing facility. It is then sorted by hand and processed. The glass process is at about 500 tons per month which is only around 20% of what the facility is capable of. Momentum would like to double the glass processed within the year and then double that number yet again the next year. They are hoping to at least reach the national average glass recycling rate.

Recycling plays a major role in the health and safety of our environment. It is becoming more of a concern for the nation, and the staff and CEO at Momentum Recycling are hoping to change the recycling rate in Utah by focusing on the abundance of glass materials being tossed away and taken to landfills. Glass can be unsafe for our environment and should be recycled and processed rather than tossed away with everyday waste materials.

Via: Waste Recycling News