Salt Lake City, UT: FruitShare is a program where residents of Salt Lake City can register their trees to donate their fruit. Every year the trees in the city are full of fruit which end up falling into the streets or yards and rotting. This program allows for residents to donate the unwanted fruit from their trees to people in need of food.

The city has partnered with various groups across the area to assist them with their food waste initiative. These organizations are TreeUtah, Salt Lake Community Action Program, Green Urban Lunchbox and Avenues Fruitshare. These groups have helped the city create an online database that will allow the residents to register the fruit trees they want to donate.salt lake city green

Once enough fruit trees are registered, the organization will put together a staff of volunteers to harvest the fruits and nuts from registered trees. The staff will also provide the occasional pruning of the registered trees. All information gathered through the organizations database will remain confidential and all of the volunteers will be instructed thoroughly as to how to take care of the registered trees.

There are certain eligibility requirements that each tree must meet before they can be harvested for fruit. These include things such as the trees height, the location, any possible hazard and of course what type of substance the tree produces. Registration does not guarantee that your tree will be harvested because the organization must make sure they have the resources to do so.

Any extra fruit harvested from registered trees will be split between volunteers, homeowners and programs that assist community members who cannot access healthy foods. The Salt Lake City FruitShare program along with their many different volunteers and partnering organizations, can service more than 300 fruit trees throughout the city. Since its start, the FruitShare program has donated about 25,000 pounds of fruit to local food assistance programs.

salt lake city fruitshare While the main goal of FruitShare is to provide food to people who need it most, they are also in the  business of waste removal. Donating fruit that would otherwise be laying in the street and/or in the  grass rotting is a great way to prevent waste. Salt Lake City is usually littered with apricots, peaches,  apples and plums but now with FruitShare and generous residents, the rotting fruit will not go to  waste.

One of the organizations to receive fruit from this year’s harvest was the Fourth Street Clinic. The  clinic is dedicated to helping the homeless in the city by providing them with health care, food, shelter  and other support services. The clinic and their clients were thrilled to receive multiple donations of fruit and fresh produce from the program.

You can register your trees online through the Salt Lake City’s government website. The registration form asks a few questions about the tree you want to donate, including where it is located, how tall it is, what type of fruit, and other basic questions. On the site you can choose whether you want the tree to be harvested once a year or if you want it to open for harvesting year-round.