Salt Lake City is surrounded by various mountains that send off a natural beauty to the city. In 2002, the city hosted the Olympic Winter Games, it’s the “greenest” Olympic Games to date. Since the Olympic Games concluded, the city has continued its efforts to maintain a high level of environmental stewardship. Salt Lake has engaged in sustainable initiatives in hospitality and transportation. Check out the high level of sustainability throughout these areas.


There are many hotels in Salt Lake that have environmentally-friendly accommodations. I am going to highlight the green initiatives from the Grand America Hotel and the Hilton. Each hotel saw the opportunity to leverage the resources that are available to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly place. Salt Lake is also home of Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort which shows high levels of environmental stewardship as well.

Environmental Procedures and Green Initiatives for the Grand America Hotel:

In the category of energy use, each room is equipped with an auto-adjusted thermostat that recognizes when rooms are vacant and adjusts the temperature to set-back mode to conserve energy. Fluorescent light bulbs which use less energy are placed in certain areas of the hotel. Waste management practices include a commercial grade trash compacting program to minimize the hotels contribution to landfill space. As well as a paper recycling program at the offices and business center. China, glass, linen table clothes and napkins in banquet facilities, restaurants and guest rooms minimize paper waste. To allow for less waste of plastic or glass containers and food, all restaurant and banquet facilities use reusable condiment dishes.

The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City

The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City

Environmental Procedures and Green Initiatives for the Hilton:

Housekeeping uses sustainable products that can reduce the amount of water used in the cleaning process by up to 30 percent. By using sustainable products it can improve efficiency and reduces the number of toxic chemicals used for cleaning. To improve water efficiency, 90 percent of Hilton properties report using water-efficient showers, which can result in up to 30 percent of water savings without impacting the guest experience. Properties partnered with multiple soap campaigns to participate in soap recycling. In result, 589,668 pounds of soap was recycled into over 1 million new soap bars. The hotel participated in food rescue by partnering with Feeding America and Global FoodBanking Network. More than 34,000 pounds of food was rescued and over 30,000 meals served to those in need.

Snowbird’s Green Commitment:

The resort’s environmental commitment was noticed by the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) awarding the resort with the 2007 Golden Eagle Award for Overall Environmental Excellence by a ski resort. Snowbird made history by becoming the first private landowner in the state of Utah to help fund a mining-era cleanup effort to eliminate tailings that was affecting the American Fork watershed. They partnered with Rocky Mountain Power to reduce electrical consumption through heater controls at the base and top of every lift.

Snowbird Ski Resort


GREENbike Share Program

This bike share program is a non-profit organization partnership between Salt Lake City, The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Salt Lake City Downtown Allience. The program is a network of many Bike Share stations, where members can take any bike, from any station, as many times as they like for a small membership fee. It’s more of a bike share, versus bike rental, because you’re not holding onto that bike for the entire day. In the downtown area of Salt Lake, there are about a dozen bike stations located with one square mile. According to Will Becker, program manager of GREENbike SLC Bike Share, 26,000 people used about 60 green bikes to take 26,000 rides and travel more than 50,000 miles.