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There's no need to fret when you have Budget Dumpster on the job. We'e got the best waste management services in the city; combining great customer service and flexible scheduling for all your trash collection needs. All you have to do is pick up the phone, dial for Budget Dumpster, and give our customer service rep. the rundown of your waste profile. We can help out virtually any business from small retailers to large warehouses.

Get your quote today and we'll get you set up with the right dumpster for your business!

Why do we offer so many different dumpsters? Because there's a whole lot of trash and it doesn't all come in uniform shapes and sizes. A retailer might have a huge pile of cardboard boxes and stale products to throw out each week; while a small "mom and pop" shop will probably just have a few plastic bottles and crumpled paper to throw out. Still larger businesses that operate out of warehouses will have even larger disposal demands just from the sheer amount of employees they have, as well as the number of products going in and going out.

Fortunately, we cut right down to the brass tacks and get you the right dumpster for your business easily with just a single phone call. Give us a call today and we'll get you setup in no time!

Dumpster Sizes

2 Yard Dumpsters
  • The most economical choice
  • Businesses with less than 2,500 sq ft
  • Holds 600-800 lbs. of waste

2 yard Commercial Dumpster
Call 833-499-7513


4 Yard Dumpsters
  • Great for small retailers
  • Perfect for medium-sized restaurants
  • Can hold 1000 lbs. of debris

4 yard Commercial Dumpster
Call 833-499-7513


6 Yard Dumpsters
  • Perfect for apartment buildings
  • Easily accessible with sliding door
  • Can hold up to 1400 lbs. of debris

6 yard Commercial Dumpster
Call 833-499-7513


8 Yard Dumpsters
  • Good fit for shopping centers & malls
  • Ideal for manufacturing centers
  • Can hold up to 1600 lbs. of waste

8 yard Commercial Dumpster
Call 833-499-7513


Commercial Dumpster Size Information

Small businesses with a small waste stream will find that this 2-yard dumpster is the perfect fit for them. This size dumpster can fit just about anywhere on site, so you won't have to finagle some space for this little guy. If you own a small restaurant or boutique then you will be well served with this dumpster. Most units are just 3 feet tall, making it very easy to fill up with your weekly trash pile. If you're a particularly tall person, make sure you don't accidently trip over this little guy and fall in.

Our 4 yard dumpsters are a great size for businesses with a slightly higher amount of trash to deal with. These bins typically have a height of 5 ft., and a length of 4 ft., making them easy to load without having to perform an over-the-shoulder toss or the legendary "trash shot put." This size is commonly used by retailers, condominium complexes, and small-medium businesses of up to 100 employees.

Our 6 yard dumpsters are the perfect in between units for those who have large commercial spaces, but don't really need a full sized 8 yarder to handle their weekly trash load. Each of these dumpsters is built to handle up to 1400 lbs. of trash easily, with room to spare for those weeks where your business is just swamped with trash. And if you find it easier than opening the lid, you can always toss your bags in through the sliding door on the side of the bin.

And finally we come to the biggest dumpsters we offer. Our 8 yard dumpsters are ideal for any commercial enterprise that has a huge trash footprint, and we're talking about a tyrannosaurus-size footprint. These dumpsters are 6 feet wide and 5 1/2 feet long, making them just a tad bit bigger than the average T. Rex's foot. So if you have a weekly trash load that is prehistorically huge, give Budget Dumpster a call and we'll get you set up with one of our 8 yarders today!


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Excellent Value for the Money!

I have been using these guys once a year for several years now. They are always on time and the delivery/pickup drivers are very accommodating.

Antony A.J. Jakubowski, 02/25/2024 Verified order

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No hassle

No hassle and a better price

JWeb, 02/21/2024 Verified order

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Sales associate were very helpful

Sales associates were positive and very helpful in explaining everything as I was a first time user.

Jim Petersen, 02/19/2024 Verified order

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Budget Dumpster

Emilio was great to work with. He explained the charges and process. No hidden fees. Delivery and pickup were as promised. No surprises. Thank you.

Brenda, 02/12/2024 Verified order

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Their entire process is very efficient!

Their entire process is very efficient!

Mike, 02/10/2024 Verified order

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The fellow on the phone was very…

The fellow on the phone was very knowledgeable & professional. He scheduled the drop off exactly as I requested. Everything went very well!

Jeff Keys, 01/22/2024 Verified order

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Great company

Great company, we will be using you again soon.

Laura Mace, 01/21/2024 Verified order

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Will use this company again!

The dumpster I requested was dropped off early the morning of delivery and pick up was on time as well. Really came in handy to get rid of items around the house that should have been trashed long ago.

Eric Carlisle, 01/18/2024 Verified order

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