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Dumpsters are the last thing on a small business owners mind, but nevertheless they are a necessity to keeping a clean and orderly shop. Fortunately, we make the process of getting your trash removal service up and running a synch. All you have to do is call for a quote and if you like what you see, we'll send over a contract for you the same day. You have the option of choosing a particular service schedule for your business, in addition to the size of the dumpster. In general, we'll recommend small sizes for smaller businesses, but you can choose to go bigger or smaller based on your own experience with your waste stream.

Once all is said and done, you'll have a low-cost commercial dumpster service running to and from your place of business, getting all your trash taken care of professionally and responsibly.

When you choose Budget Dumpster as your primary waste hauler, you won't have to spend precious time trying to get a hold of one our service representatives. We ensure that all of our phones are up and manned at all hours of the day so you can make a pickup request, change your schedule, or swap out your dumpster whenever the need arises. It's just one of many ways we make trash removal easy.

Dumpster Sizes

2 Yard Dumpsters
  • Perfect for small businesses
  • Versatile and easy to load
  • Can hold between 600-800 lbs.

2 yard Commercial Dumpster
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4 Yard Dumpsters
  • Used for variety of businesses
  • Great size for service stations
  • Holds between 800 and 1000 lbs.

4 yard Commercial Dumpster
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6 Yard Dumpsters
  • Perfect for office buildings
  • Easy access with sliding door
  • Can hold up to 1400 lbs. of debris

6 yard Commercial Dumpster
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8 Yard Dumpsters
  • Ideal for distribution centers
  • Handy for some bulky items
  • Holds 1400 to 1600 lbs. of trash

8 yard Commercial Dumpster
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Commercial Dumpster Size Information

If you manage a small business, a 2 yard dumpster is the perfect size for you. Most small businesses have a limited amount of space. This 2 yarder is a great space-saving and wallet-sparing option. Don't think this commercial dumpster is incapable of holding waste. It can hold the equivalent of a 1 ton pickup truck. This 3 foot high dumpster is easy to fill up and can be placed in parking lot or back of a store without any hassle. It is commonly used for businesses with less than 2,500 sq ft. If you are a small boutique or office building the 2 yard dumpster is the most economical choice.

The 4 yard commercial dumpster can accommodate a variety of businesses. This is commonly used for businesses with up to 125 employees. So if you are a small-medium retailer or restaurant this size will be perfect for you. It can hold between 800-1000 lbs which is equivalent to two pickup trucks worth of trash. This 4 yarder is a great in-between size that can be easily placed and emptied. This 6 feet wide and 4 feet long commercial dumpster is the perfect size to place behind an office building or in a parking lot. Every dumpster is equipped with an easy accessible sliding door making disposal easier than ever.

Our 6 yard dumpster is commonly found in shopping plazas and office buildings. This is a popular dumpster because of its capacity. It can hold between 1200 to 1400 lbs. of waste. This is a great choice for companies that accumulate a high volume of waste a week. With its easily accessible sliding door, throwing away large bags full of trash is less of a hassle. These dumpsters are typically 6 feet wide, 5 feet long, and 6 feet tall. Due to its size, these containers need additional consideration when deciding where to place them.

Our 8 yarder is known as the "Big Daddy" of commercial dumpsters. These containers are commonly found outside large warehouses, super stores, and large offices. The Big Daddy is made for companies with over 500 employees that accumulate a very high volume of waste. It can hold between 1400 to 1600 lbs. of debris. That's a lot of waste! It is also handy for occasional bulky material. With this massive container, it is best to consider where you are going to place it.


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Steve, 05/16/2022 Verified order

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Communication was good

Communication was good. Price was a little better than other companies. Placed dumpster where requested.

Manuel, 05/15/2022 Verified order

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Top notch communication and customer…

Top notch communication and customer service. I was away from the house when the dumpster was delivered; the team took extra care to position the dumpster perfectly in my driveway as to still allow my wife and I to park two cars. 10/10 would use again

Andrew, 05/12/2022 Verified order

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Good job

Good job. On time service.

Larry, 05/10/2022 Verified order

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Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service! The dumpster was delivered on time. The dumpster was clean and all the doors were easy to open to place large items inside. They picked it up promptly after I was finished.

Marc Davis, 05/05/2022 Verified order

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Quick and easy at the best price

Fast, friendly and right on time. Drivers were so nice and professional. Placed the dumpster exactly where I had requested.

David, 05/04/2022 Verified order

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Every part of the process was great and everyone was friendly! Great business to work with!

Justice, 05/03/2022 Verified order

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Great people to work with

Great people to work with! Affordable price. We will definitely use their service again.

Tara, 04/27/2022 Verified order

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