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Find the right dumpster for your business just by making a single phone call to Budget Dumpster. We can get your trash situation situated in no time at all as soon as you drop us a line. The way it works is we walk you through the basic terms of service to ensure you're fully informed of all your service options. From there, we discuss size options: picking the right size dumpster to accommodate all of your trash throughout the week or longer, depending on the pickup schedule you select.

Once all the details are set, we'll send your dumpster out to your property and get it all set up for collection. If you need anything else, just let us know and we'll take care of that too!

Can I recycle a pizza box? How much trash can a garbage truck hold? Can I put a few cinderblocks in my dumpster? These are all questions that our team of waste removal experts can answer. We have over ten years of experience working with trash in all shapes and sizes, so if you ever find yourself wondering just what exactly you can throw inside your dumpster, just give us a call and we'll figure it out for you!

Dumpster Sizes

2 Yard Dumpsters
  • Can fit anywhere on site
  • Cost-effective for small businesses
  • Can hold between 600-800 lbs.

2 yard Commercial Dumpster
Call 833-499-7513


4 Yard Dumpsters
  • Perfect for places of worship
  • Easily placed and emptied
  • Holds between 800 and 1000 lbs.

4 yard Commercial Dumpster
Call 833-499-7513


6 Yard Dumpsters
  • A perfect fit for hotels
  • Easy access with a sliding door
  • Can hold up to 1400 lbs. of debris

6 yard Commercial Dumpster
Call 833-499-7513


8 Yard Dumpsters
  • For large apartment complexes
  • Fits your bulky materials
  • Holds 1400 to 1600 lbs. of trash

8 yard Commercial Dumpster
Call 833-499-7513


We're Here For You

When you call into our office, you will speak directly with someone who knows the business. Our customer sales representatives are the best in the industry and they are always more than happy to explain the process of getting a dumpster. We understand that waste removal is not your typical industry; this is why we encourage all of our customers to ask as many questions as they want. We pride ourselves in having the most well trained staff in the business. Each member of our team is well-trained and well-experienced with the nuances of waste management. So If you have questions revolving around waste removal or commercial dumpsters in Wichita, feel free to contact our team here at Budget Dumpster.

How to Pick Your Dumpster

A common question we receive from our customers is, "what size dumpster is best for my business?" We usually respond with a series of questions such as, What kind of business do you have? How much trash do you accumulate on a weekly basis? How much room do you have to place the dumpster? And, How large is your business? Since we offer a wide variety of dumpster sizes, it can be difficult to decide which dumpster best fits your business.

As a rule of thumb, we suggest our 2 yard dumpster for small restaurants and office buildings of less than 2,500 square feet. This dumpster typically holds about 12 trash bags. Our 4 yard dumpsters are perfect for small retailers and medium sized offices of less than 5,000 square feet. The 6 yard commercial dumpster is usually used for larger retailers, grocery stores and apartments. This dumpster can usually handle about 40 trash bags. Last but not least is our 8 yard dumpster which we usually reserve for large warehouses and manufacturing plants. For more information on which size dumpster is best for your business, give us a call or check out our commercial dumpster info page.


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Delivered and picked up on time.

Delivered and picked up on time.

John Ace, 12/08/2022 Verified order

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Easy set up even called in a Sunday to…

Easy set up even called in a Sunday to schedule took 5 min. Picked up and billed just as they said!!

Jason, 12/08/2022 Verified order

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Perfectly Perfect

Perfect. Start to finish! Reasonably priced, timing was flawless!

Rich, 12/07/2022 Verified order

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Prompt delivery and pickup

Prompt delivery and pickup. I will use your services again. Thank You!

Rhonda Ellsworth-White, 12/07/2022 Verified order

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They are wonderful to work with

They are wonderful to work with. Very accommodating with scheduling. Most reasonable in price. Will continue to work with only them!

Lisa, 12/06/2022 Verified order

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The reservation agents were AWESOME!…

The reservation agents were knowledgable, fully forthcoming, received the dumpster on time, picked up ontime, dumpster in good condition and they handled all permitting. I coukd not have asked for a better experience. They really eliminated a lot of our moving stress. Will definately use again and recommend them to others.

David, 12/06/2022 Verified order

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Great experience

They arrived in a timely manner and put the dumpster where intended without a problem. The return pickup was also done in a timely manner.

Tracy, 12/06/2022 Verified order

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Definitely Would Recommend

My experience is that this company is reputable. Delivery was as stated and pickup was as stated and the cost was reasonable. I definitely would recommend them to my best friend.

Pat, 12/05/2022 Verified order

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