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Home Project Guides and Tips

Improving your home can get messy quickly. Use the guides below to learn a few home improvement tips, as well as the best practices for decluttering, organizing and improving your home the do-it-yourself way.  

The Exceedingly Comprehensive Guide to DIY Home Improvement for First-Time Homeowners

Use our exceedingly comprehensive home improvement guide to learn how to hang drywall, paint a room like a pro, tackle the most stubborn drain clogs imaginable and more. Includes professional home improvement tips and advice from some of the biggest names in home improvement. 

The Beginner’s Guide to Remodeling a Kitchen on a Budget

A kitchen remodel can be complex and expensive, but with this guide you’ll learn in what order to tackle your kitchen remodel and discover where you can achieve the biggest savings for your budget.

How to Declutter Your Home

How to Declutter Your Home: The Ridiculously Thorough Guide

Our ridiculously thorough guide to decluttering your home will walk you through decluttering best practices and offer tips for decluttering every room in your house. You'll also find encouraging advice from Certified Professional Organizers (CPOs) and other experts in decluttering and home organization. Trust us when we say that this guide lives up to its name!

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