5 Quick and Easy Declutter Tips

Looking for a simple fix to a cluttered home? You’ve come to the right place. Our five easy decluttering tips will make it much more manageable than those marathon cleaning and organizing days you’ve had in the past. Decluttering doesn’t have to be painful.

Follow our lead (and advice from industry professionals). Your home can become the place you want to host family and one-up your boastful neighbor. Maybe even host karaoke night. Yes, karaoke night.

5 Easy Decluttering Tips

how to simplify your homeDeclutter Tip #1

Decluttering by Area or Item

Decluttering projects often stop before they start because homeowners know how much of a headache they can be. Well, just as in life, it’s best to split tasks into pieces. Instead of mowing the lawn, tackling a pile of laundry and going to the DMV all in one day, maybe you just go to the DMV (let’s hope you kept your sanity). In the decluttering world of things, maybe you just clean out that way-too-cluttered desk.

“First, figure out where to start; I suggest with whatever area bothers you most. Then, break it down into chunks: a bookshelf, one box, then another, the desk, one plastic tub at a time and so on. These are much more manageable tasks than telling yourself you’re going to tackle a whole room in one day.”

Amy Trager | amytrager.com


Set Expectations and Timelines

You’re out of shape and want to run a marathon. It’s probably not going to happen tomorrow. But it can happen! Creating a decluttering plan that’s accomplishable will help you get off on the right foot. Be realistic with yourself and your time. Create goals and a plan of action that fits between work, family and that list of 47 other things.

“Stacks and piles didn’t appear overnight. It took time to accumulate. Getting organized takes time too! Estimate how long you think an area will take and then time yourself. Remember success breeds success. Start small and experience the joy of being organized!”

Laurie Martin | Simplicity Organizers


Clutter Needs Somewhere to Go

Stuff. It accumulates. Just ask the cup holders in your car. Turns out, pinching sticky pennies and decluttering your home are pretty similar. While it’s awesome you’re taking the initiative of cleaning up, all of these now decluttered items need somewhere to go. Have a plan in action of either throwing out, recycling or donating items that you don’t use or don’t have space for.

“Have a place for everything. It is an adage used by all organisers and might sound obvious but you would be surprised how often people accumulate clutter because they do not have a place for it. Find a place for your stuff and if there is no place for it, why is it in your life.”

Shelina Jokhiya | Decluttr Me


Clean with a Clean Conscience

Think of clutter as your email inbox. If you keep every incoming message you’ve ever received, you’ll get lost among the masses. If you are keen to only keeping recent messages, you’ll likely delete something you need at a later date. It’s important to maintain a balance. Fully think through your declutter process and how you’ll keep your home tidy in the future.

“When we are purging there is a tendency for the pendulum to swing from keeping too much to discarding too much. This often leads to regrets, which not only slow down the current purging process, but discourages future efforts. Nothing slows the purging process down faster than regrets.”

Matt Baier | Matt Baier Organizing

Tidy Up 7 Days a Week

You don’t have to declutter if you don’t have clutter. Sometimes it’s as easy that. Building a habit of staying organized is the best way to avoid weekends of being stuck inside cleaning the house (there’s nothing worse when it’s 80 degrees and sunny). Daily tasks and small wins will provide a sense of accomplishment and can be the key to a clutter-free lifestyle.

“It’s easier to stay organized than to get organized. Set a timer for 15 minutes and tackle one small spot until the timer goes off. Doing that every day will have a greater impact on clearing your clutter than setting aside a full day and then losing steam after half an hour.”

Sharon Lowenheim | Organizing Goddess


More Easy Decluttering Tips for You

Don’t make this a reason to not start taking action…but we did create this pretty awesome (and lengthy) Declutter Guide for room-by-room tips and tricks. We’d love to hear your success stories and how simple actions led to a clutter-free lifestyle.

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